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A lot goes into the ins and outs of bookeeping, so I HIGHLY recommend that you delegate to a team member or best yet, hire it out to a professional bookkeeper. It’s still important for you as the business owner to have a grasp on what it all means, which is why I’m SO EXCITED I FOUND THIS FREE RESOURCE FOR YOU!
Check out (it’s filled with all the nitty gritty about accounting and finances). To get a free guide about bookkeeping, you’ll have to give them your email (the opt in box should pop up when you go to the site). I’ve given this a read myself and it really helps break everything you need to know into easy to understand chuncks. The site is FILLED with even more free tips and tools. Check it out…
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Best Accounting Software for Small Business 2017

To keep all your finances in order, I highly recommend you use the most popular, most trusted software around…. Quickbooks. And yes, there’s a fee, but believe me, when you’re ready to hire a bookkeeper or have your accountant dig into those #’s, it will matter. Being in business has it’s expenses and paying attention to the #’s isn’t something you should skimp on, so while there are free options out there, keeping your finances organized and having an admin or bookkeeper staying on top of your monthly, weekly or even daily income and expenses, will help you better manage your business. Remember…what you track grows!

If you’re on an old version of Quickbooks, you’re missing out! It’s all “in the cloud” now and there’s even an app to makes keeping up with bookkeeping a breeze!

You should still find a platform that fits your needs and budget, so check out this great article to make the best decision for your business.

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